2018 Atlas

The 2018 Atlas is a durable piece of machinery with all of the features drivers expect from a modern car.

It’s a great choice for people that often have to carry around a lot of equipment or passengers. There are three full rows of seating in this car, so individuals can fit as many as eight adults comfortably at one time. Drivers can also use all of that extra room for storage, especially if they are required to haul a lot of heavy, bulky objects. All of the back seats fold or pivot, so drivers can use the space however they please.

A Personalized Driving Experience

The Atlas was designed to meet the needs of every driver that gets behind the wheel. It comes with all the smart features that help protect drivers from their own worst habits. The driver personalization feature can store up to four different driver profiles, logging valuable information about how each driver performs on the road. The car will then use this information to better guide drivers on the road. It will adjust its safety features to make sure that everyone feels safe.

Compatible with Those Everyday Devices

People use their smartphones and tablets just about everywhere they go these days, and the car is no exception. The App-Connect feature automatically syncs up with a person’s smartphone, so all of their favorite apps will show up on the center console. Drivers and passengers alike can make a call or order some food on their smart devices just by touching the screen or by using a voice command.

The car also comes with a wide map navigation system. The touchscreen will show the map with a lot of detail, so drivers don’t have to worry about squinting at a tiny digital image when they are trying to get where they need to go.

Those looking for a 2018 Atlas can find a licensed dealer in their area. This car is fully customizable, so customers will have a lot options during the buying process.